From Shimmer To Dimmer

Did pandemic Dim the shimmer this 2020.

The world has come to a standstill with the onset of a virus that took us by surprise. Travel, trade & lives are not the same and half of 2020 has just passed in finding out Solutions to the widespread irrecoverable damage to life and Industry at large. Jewellery industry is no exception from the ill effects of this pandemic, Industry started off optimistically at the beginning of the year, but sales began to drastically drop as months passed by. The Lockdown made it difficult for trade as retail shops were shut down. The jewellery artisans suffered the most as they went off work and there were no new orders and purchases. Nobody ever expected this to hit them and due to which in a country like india where Jewellery purchase is a traditional culture since time immemorial came to a halt.

Steps for revival of jewellery industry.

Of course it’s safe to say “THIS SHALL TO PASS" so let’s look into the revival strategy of jewellery industry.

It’s time to go digital

Keeping in mind the impact of pandemic it becomes even more important for medium and small scale jewellery retail to go digital and capture the market and enhance their social media presence.

Sanitization is the key

Keep your jewellery sanitized and as the shops are being opened in unlock phase it’s important to take care of hygiene and protective gears in place with regular Cleaning.

Colaborate with like Business

Its time to stand United with each other and help each others business to grow which are interlinked in jewellery sector.

Look forward to wedding season

As the wedding season is approaching, its the right time to capture the market with your online presence and stores to be consumer friendly in terms of protection from the virus .The sales would eventually grow with right strategy and approach.

Let’s make the glitter spread with hope and prosperity